After some months of intensive work, we are happy to announce the final release of DGH 2.5. This version is fully compatible with LiveCode 8.x and 9.x, however due to the introduction of Widgets inside DGH, the version 2.5 is not working with LC 7.x and below. However in this case you can continue to use DGH 2.1.

In this DGH 2.5 version we have made numerous changes. Some of them are just cosmetics, but our main work in this version was to introduce new features such as:


For more informations about DGH, how to purchase it or to upgrade to 2.5, please follow this link:

About DataGrid Helper (DGH) 2.5

And for a good preview of all the features and possibilities of DGH 2.5, please read our documention. Thanks to James Hale for his kind and great help with it:

Download the User Guide